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Gait retraining 

Gait retraining - £250

Ever struggled with aches and pains while running? Or not getting faster no matter how much you train?


One of the biggest factors could be your running technique. 

Using our 3D gait analysis we can identify aspects of the gait which are detrimental to performance and/or increase injury risk. We will look to change these aspects of the gait with real time feedback to optimise technique to  improve performance and reduce injury risk. Once your optimal technique is established we will provide personal running drills and two follow up appointments to monitor progress

The retraining package is 3 consultations with personalised run training programme over 8 weeks. The initial consultation is 90 minutes with 2 follow up appointments of 60 minutes. The initial consultation will look at the current technique using our 3D gait analysis identifying the areas to modify and provide running drills and technique changes to address it. The follow up consultations will be to monitor progress, to see how the technique is changing with the running drills, and review the drills and exercises. 


The package will give you information on:

  • Running economy

  • Speed capacity

  • Joint loading

  • Stride parameters

  • Range of motion assessment

  • Centre of mass displacement

  • Forces

  • Moments

  • Comparison to elite norms 

Using this information, an 8 week training programme of gait retraining exercises tailored to your personal needs will be provided alongside a full report.

Gait retraining with 3D Gait analysis

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