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3D Running Gait analysis with fatigue protocol

Consultation - £250

Consultations normally take 3 hours and consist of a postural assessment, followed by running on the treadmill to gather the report for the 3D analysis in an non fatigued state followed by a fatigue protocol which will emulate the event you are training for. Then a 3D analysis of you in a fatigued state. This report contains:

  • Running economy

  • Speed capacity

  • Joint loading

  • Stride parameters

  • Range of motion assessment

  • Centre of mass displacement

  • Forces

  • Moments

  • Comparison to elite norms 

Using this information, an 8 week training programme of the strength and conditioning, flexibility work and gait retraining exercises tailored to your personal needs and fatigue profile will be provided alongside a full report.

The benefits of the 3D gait analysis with a fatigue protocol is the ability to be able to identify how the gait actually changes  while in a fatigued state. This allows us to identify the biomechanical changes that could result in injury or a reduction to your performance. The protocol will vary depending on the events or activities you are training for, this is to make the fatigue as realistic as possible. 

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