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About us

At Cardiff Gait we use our combined knowledge in biomechanics, sport science, strength and conditioning, and sports massage to provide a complete and holistic approach to improve client’s performance and reduce injury risk. With this knowledge we provide 3D gait analysis, sport and remedial massage and strength and conditioning services.

We have our state-of-the-art 3D marker less gait analysis software that will be able to analysis your running or walking gait. This will show all your stride parameters, such as landing mechanics, cadence, contact time, vertical force and much more. Alongside the stride parameters the software picks up force production in muscles and identifies if there are muscles being over- or under-worked and any asymmetries in force produce between legs. We also will see the actual range of motion your legs go through during the running and walking gait to identify any restrictions. All of this can then be compared to elite runners and will be able to show you how your gait compares to theirs.

Our biomechanical specialist Graham Bell will take you through the gait analysis. He has a unique skill set of biomechanics and strength and conditioning with a Master's in Sport and Exercise Science focusing on biomechanics from the University of Bath and a qualified strength and conditioning coach. He has over 10 years of experience working with running and walking gaits. Alongside this, he has years of experience working with elite international athletes and has worked with Olympic, World, European, and Commonwealth athletes from multiple sports. 

Graham is also our level 4 sport and remedial massage therapist. With his knowledge and expertise from his Master’s he provides top quality massage services but also has a thorough understanding of the body so able to treat even the most complex and complicated issues. He has over 5 years’ experience of combining his knowledge of massage and biomechanics to help treat elderly clients with fall prevention, and providing treatment to clients with Cerebral Palsy.

We proud ourselves on being able to provide up to date scientific information on all the services and treatments we offer and always striving to further our understanding. We do this by keeping up to date with the British Sport and Medical Journal and other relevant journals. We are also registered with The Sports Massage Association.

Services Provided

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3D Markerless Gait analysis

Reduce injury risk, improve economy and improve speed

Sports Injury

Sports Massage

Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation and Maintenance

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The Maltings, E Tyndall St, Cardiff CF24 5EA, UK


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